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Your focus is on providing quality help to your clients and making an impact on your community. You need easy, done for you bookkeeping that will not only have your books ready come tax time, but that will help you make solid business decisions for growth. If bookkeeping isn’t your strong suit, or if you’re months or years behind, you might make mistakes and miss tax deductions and tax planning opportunities that could save you money.

In this amount of time, a clinician can reconcile and categorize their expenses, decide if their current expenses are worth it, and plan for the next month’s income. As your private practice accounting partners, we can take care of everything from QuickBooks setup and assistance at tax time to financial planning for new businesses, practice transitions, and retirement. Despite your knowledge of HIPAA, you may only sometimes know what constitutes a violation.

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These softwares can help streamline the entire accounting process, from bookkeeping and tracking expenses to billing and invoicing. However, for those private practice owners and independent therapists, running the business will also be a primary concern. Here, we answer some of the most common questions we receive from therapists working in private practices. You’ll receive unlimited year-round access to your own dedicated Advisor. Your personal advisor will be there to answer questions, provide expert guidance, and help you reach the unique goals of your group or private practice.

Can you be self employed as a bookkeeper?

Self-employment is fast becoming a popular career choice for bookkeepers. Whether you're at the beginning of your bookkeeping career or you're thinking of making the switch to self-employment, this guide will help you get to grips with starting a bookkeeping business.

Once you join Heard and connect your bank accounts, you’ll be prompted to schedule your onboarding meeting with a specialist from our team. We’ll walk you through the platform and answer any questions you have. Taxes Save thousands of dollars on your personal and business income taxes.Payroll Pay yourself, employees, and contractors in minutes. Alicia took the time to help a starting business get off the ground. She had the knowledge and patience to help me get on the right path and answered my questions. I would recommend her to help with your bookkeeping needs.

Where should I file taxes? I live in one state but practice in another because of teletherapy.

Then we’ll develop a custom strategy that helps you live your ideal future, both at work and at home. We’ll identify key issues with your current system and answer any questions you have. You’ll also learn about our unique approach to managing your finances. Despite the amount of education I had, I felt lost and helpless trying to interpret my financial reports. As a PT or OT, you’re an expert at getting people back to their full selves. We’ll organize and interpret the numbers so you know when your practice is healthy.

  • You can tell Casey cares about his clients, you are not just another number in his book of business.
  • It not only tracks your income and expenses, but allows you to print invoices and send bills.
  • These can include things like office space, equipment purchases, home office deductions, vehicle and travel deductions, and many more.
  • Certainly this is not all of the information you will need to run your private practice from the accounting side of things.
  • As a medical professional, your top priority is patient care, but that doesn’t mean your practice’s accounting and financial needs can be put on life support.
  • Each person should consult his or her own attorney, business advisor, or tax advisor with respect to matters referenced in this post.

One thing that many people going into private practice do not realize is that you do have to pay self-employment taxes. Again check with an accountant on this, but self-employment tax is typically about 18 to 20% of your net income depending on the state that you live in. And so you will need to save this amount to have to pay each quarter. Otherwise you can get dinged at the end of the year, have a large tax bill waiting plus potential audits from the IRS. So here are some basic tips and things to know when it comes to accounting, taxes and bookkeeping when you are in private practice as a counselor or therapist. Whether you are a mental health professional, allied health practitioner, speech therapist, or physical therapist, your private practice is your passion.

Keep reconciled books

Alicia & Therapeutic Bookkeeping empower clients to feel in control of their finances. Alicia definitely understands the day to day workings of therapists and the industry in general, and has created a streamlined & efficient process that helps clients achieve their goals. At John F Weitz CPA Inc the qualified professionals in our St. Charles, IL CPA firm are dedicated to providing mental health practices with the specialized accounting services they require.

bookkeeping for therapists

We have an additional charge for excess of three accounts . Your personal finances and business finances should never mix. Give yourself access to a dedicated team of experts who can help with everything from billing to taxes and even weekly and monthly expense reporting, and more. Tax preparation, bookkeeping, and all other financial matters in your private therapy practice require expert attention.

Make Smart Business Decisions

Our monthly bookkeeping service is a comprehensive reporting of the critical financial and tax results of your practice. We’ll let you know how the numbers look, how much to set aside for taxes, reminders when upcoming taxes are due, and much more to ensure the financial side of your practice runs like a well-oiled machine. As experts in your industry, we’ll take the time to thoroughly understand your unique practice and business goals. We’ll work with you to ensure your practice is structured for optimal financial benefits, and your record-keeping function is streamlined and hands free.

bookkeeping for therapists